Options Diestamping

Glossy yes (highgloss)
Matte yes
Envelope yes
Laser appropriate yes
Laminated no
Bleed no
Delivery time ca. 10 - 15 workingdays
Steeldie max. 100 x 150 mm
> € 150,-
productiontime 2 weeks
Paper 90 - 500 grams
60 x 90 - 360 x 420 mm


1. Please note that the number of printing processes should be minimised if the artwork is steel-die print, in order to achieve the best-possible result.

2. Please allow for 2 weeks drying time for a glossy steel-die print.

3. Porous paper types can have a negative influence on the finished product.

4. Fonts up to size 40, contact us if using fullsurfaces.

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