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It is possible to send digital files in various ways. The most reliable way is to commission a printing shop such as Arps & zoon drukkerij to do it for you. It is also possible to do it yourself by following the guidelines outlined underneath. If you use a professional agency you can be sure that they will be able to deliver according to our specifications.

Only Certified PDF

Transparant Thermography, more than 2 PMS colours or CMYK print: please enclose a seperate layer in the PDF in a derogatory colour (e.g. magenta) for thermography (asif using UV spot).

1 or 2 colour PMS Thermography: create the PDF as if it concerns an ordinary PMS printjob, indicate (if using more PMS colours) which are thermo.

Should you not be able to supply Certified PDF and/or prints: Please deliver your files already made up in the following applications: MAC OS: Illustrator CC and InDesign CC or lower versions (Indesign: select "Package" in the dropdownmenu "File" and zip the package). Should you use other applications in order to manufacture your digital material, please clearly indicate the programme name and version number. Arps will judge whether the material is usable or not. If usable, Arps will provide you with a proof for your approval. However please allow for the extra time that this will take, and possible extra costs as a result.

E-mail or internet

E-mail up to 15 MB
FTP FTP server Please contact us for your login.

You can use the STUFFIT programme to decompress your files. In the STUFF IT preferences you need to select the “Encode archive into BinHex format” option. The compressed files will be converted into hqx-files which are appropriate for internet and prevent damage.

Make up requirements:
Text as outlines, vector files (Illustrator). Indicate sizes, PMS/YMCK colours (and) in digital files and on prints. Please supply all images. With full colour, files and prints should be delivered in YMCK separated or PMS separated proofs. With Quark XPress and InDesign all fonts should be present (incl. postscript section, do not use truetype) and all images should be grouped (Status OK). Grouped images should not be OPI, APR, DCS or Copy- Dot, because these will not be compatible to Certified PDF. PDFs that contain “RGB’s”, “transparancies”, “shading objects” or “coloured patterns” are not print-ready PDFs. Indicate crop lines and, with multiple colours, all marks (trim, bleed, centre). Is your print bleed, then please allow for 3mm bleed around all edges of the document.

We will automatically correct all incorrectly supplied files, and charge a fee for this service. In the event that you would be willing to correct your own material you will need to inform us in advance. We will create a (colour-) proof for files for which no colour proof has been supplied, and will send this to you for your official approval. However please allow for the extra time that this will take and possible extra costs as a result.

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