Options Thermography

Glossy yes
Matte yes
Envelope yes (no window envelope)
Laser appropriate yes
Laminated no
Bleed yes (contact us)
Delivery time ca. 7 days
Paper 80 - 350 grams
120 x 160 - 230 x 330 mm


1. Thermograph is not recommended for envelopes with a window, adhesive paper or calco paper.

2. We do not recommend the use of DPI and thin lines in combination with full-colour sheets.

3. Thermography on the facing side in combination with full-colour sheets on the back side can result in difficulties. Please discuss your needs with us in advance.

4. Please note that envelopes may contain powdery residue under the flap.

5. Porous paper types can have a negative influence on the finished product.

6. Tolerance while cutting is maximal 1 milimeter.

7. If larger objects are applied it is unavoidable to create a look similar to the surface of oranges.

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